Monitor & Control Vehicles from Anywhere & Anytime

Our Vehicle tracking systems and solutions allow you to manage your fleets and resources more effectively and help you to make timely decisions based on timely reports. Fleet owners get access to real-time vehicle location data, behavior - based alert information (speeding, acceleration and braking), fuel consumption updates, idle time tracking, trip reporting, vehicle usage behavior and vehicle diagnostic information.

The system offers regular maintenance reminders which results in reducing the vehicle downtime and serious maintenance issues. Because of various types of reports like fuel, alerts, distance, temperature, etc. generated by the system, better decisions at the right time can be taken by the management. The fleet management system allows fleet owners to add all the details of Road tax, PUC, License, etc. and also get reminders for the same. Fleet Owners can schedule vehicle operations by define route paths, allocate driver to a specific vehicle, optimize vehicle availability and analyzing travel & trip summary, thus reducing fleet operation costs.


Temperature Monitoring

View, monitor and track in real-time the location and temperature of every refrigerated truck or trailer within your fleet. It enables cost-effective monitoring, control, and compliance for refrigerators and freezers, refrigerated vehicles, trailers and refrigerated containers and brings an unparalleled set of temperature monitoring & tracking features and efficiency to any size operation. Constant Temperature, Visibility & Control Real-time temperature monitoring allow central oversight of truck temperatures and can allow easy verification that proper temperatures were maintained throughout a journey.

Application based Tracking

Giving solutions to provide real time fleet monitoring, incorporating travel history, movement reports, alerts, control of devices remotely, mobile apps and compatibility of various GPS tracking devices. App based tracking provides instant alerts of predefined events such as when an object enters or exits geo-zone, speeding, SOS alarms, engine on/off etc. Mobile Application is available to eliminate the hardware installation and maintenance expense. It provides timely alerts to the tracker about individual or vehicle that to be tracked on the certain situations. To provide more convenience to the trackers, there is freely available mobile App, running on both Android and IOS Platform.

Safe & Security

A GPS tracking system has many uses in today's world, as it offers additional layers of security for your loved ones like your kids, family, and your pets, for whom you have been concerned. It also allows true real-time tracking, using the most reliable and precise GPS pet/cattle tracking device to monitor your dog or cat or cattle on your smart phones. If the person with the tracking device/app is danger, then he/she can press the SOS or Panic button, to inform the tracker about it and send complete location details. An efficient GPS tracking system stops the attempts of thefts of fuel as well as vehicles and also avoid fuel wastage. Monitoring driver behavior encourages safe driving habits and avoids many road incidents. It also helps in training new drivers and unauthorized use of Vehicles. Various GPS sensors are available, which Safe guard transport of all valuable goods and control access to fleet vehicles and thus secure access to a vehicle.

Our Expertise

Regardless of the device type or end-use purpose, our setup and configuration service save time, expense and delivers ready-to-use devices, out-of-the-box, for one location or hundreds. We offer a comprehensive range of automotive solutions with the combination of hardware and software to reduce operational costs and time that could deliver a connected experience to customers and help engage through a customer lifetime. Our system is already developed to satisfy all the requirements for different areas but still if you have some exciting needs, then we are open to fulfill it. We provide better customization that can add more values to your business. Our Technical Support team is available for any questions and provides you with 24X7 support service and on-site or off-site training you may need regarding our vehicle tracking solutions. This helps you to minimize disruptions to the working day.