OXY Jewel Trace

OXY Jewel Trace (Jewellery Tracking System) is the Infotest Lab RFID based inventory solution to manage item movements and stock counts in the Jewellery and Diamond business. RFID gives you more convenience of prompt item counts, making it extremely useful for daily stock checks in the Jewellery showroom and wholesale inventory handling.

Our solution helps customers to integrate both RFID and EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) Anti-Theft system to monitor Jewellery, Diamond and any articles in the Showroom, Warehouse. The goal is to improve your inventory management and prevent losses due to product misplacement, fraud or theft. Benefits of OXY Jewel Trace.

Industry Solutions

Current Challenges

  • Loss of assets through misplacement

  • Untimely stock outs or excess production

  • Event failure due to tool unavailability

  • Frequent equipment breakdowns

  • Meeting regulatory Audit and ISO compliance

  • Inaccurate Forecasting

  • Poor interdepartmental communication

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Sudden rush orders create chaos

Our Solutions

  • Trace objects faster & accurately in Asset lifecycle

  • Reducing human effort and corresponding errors

  • Automatically scanning multiple assets concurrently

  • Accurate asset data for management decisions

  • Added security by recording asset movement

  • Jewel tracking eliminates cumbersome and unreliable manual methods

  • Balance costs, opportunities, and risks against the desired performance of assets

  • Jewel tracking improves forecasting

Benefits & Return on Investment

Benefits & Return on Investment