Smart Library & File Tracking System

RFID Files/Books Tracking System is designed to reduce Manual efforts in maintaining and managing hundreds or thousands of files/books within a library/workplace. Many businesses currently use basic methods to manage files, such as alphabetical filing, color-coded filing, or barcodes.

Industry Solutions

Current Challenges

  • Location of the Files/Books

  • Failure to Keep Track of Daily Stocks

  • Consolidated Stocks Just-in-Time

  • Library circulation operations and theft detection system

  • Consume more staff time spent book/file management

  • Daily transactions and Accuracy of the Reports

Our Solutions

  • Accurate tracking of sensitive documents

  • Can keep a record of the holder of the file or document

  • Eliminates authorized access to the files/ documents

  • Reduction in manual cost & time loss

  • The Risk of misplacement or theft of the document is controlled

  • Provides fast searching of books through inventory

  • Minimize the manual intervention and manual errors

  • Self check-in/out Station

Benefits & Return on Investment