Livestock Secure System (LSS)

Daily tracking of Livestock, where it is Moving, Time, Duration, Entry/Exit time at the locations such as Race Course, Dairy Farm, Training Track, Swimming Pool or Barrier. All Livestock can be tracked by Microchip with RFID technology. It contains all the details about Livestock.

Livestock Tracking Application that keeps track on where the animals are and for how long. Our system explores the complete picture of the Livestock activities. It automatically records the information using RFID Tags and remotely store the data in the cloud. It generates various reports through integrated Smart Dashboard accessible on Web and Mobile applications.

Current Challenges

Our Solutions

  • Automatic Tracking for Livestock

  • Accurate Reports will be generated based on RFID

  • Reduce Manual Process of Tracking

  • Reduce shelter costs by improving space management

  • Reduce pilferage, shrinkage and loss through improved monitoring of RFID tagged Animals and other shipments

  • Enables automatic identification and data-capture

  • Chipped animals can help plug the fraud in substituting the animals

Industry Solutions

Turf & Sports Club

The RFID Fixed Reader will mount in the entry and exit Gate, which, reads the RFID Tag. The RFID Passive Tag will be put up with the horse/Jockey. When the horse/Jockey enters into In/Out Gates, the Reader will read the Tag and the time will be calculated. Each and every entry will be noted down into the database. If any duplicate entry arrives, the alert will be sent automatically to the Management concerned. Management could easily retrieve all the information as Date wise about the horse training easily with the help of RFID solution.

Cattle & Dairy Forms

RFID Reader will be mounted in the Entry/Exit gate. Each & every animal are tagged with RFID Microchip. The frequency will be detected by the RFID antenna with the Reader and the data captured easily. We could easily track the Entry/Exit and the location of the each cattle. Cattle's daily records were stored in the database and monitored easily.

Benefits & Return on Investment