Automatic Vehicle Tracking System

It combines the use of RFID and GPS in individual vehicle with software that provide accurate, scalable and extremely reliable identification of vehicles. It will provide a solution for automatic Entry/Exit time records in the system & directly visible to the management control.

The Automatic Vehicle Management manages third party vehicle and campus vehicle separately. When fixed RFID Tag is read, the Tag Id is compared with the registered Tag IDs and if it is found to be registered then the vehicle will be allowed inside the Organization. If the vehicle is not registered, then a temporary RFID Tag will be fixed to the vehicle and then it is allowed inside the Organization. On leaving from Campus, the vehicle with the temporary RFID tag will be removed by the security. The vehicle with fixed RFID tag will not be removed on exit in any case. The fixed RFID tag represents that the vehicle belongs to the Particular Organization

Current Challenges

Our Solutions

  • Automated & hands-free data capture that reduces human intervention and improves accuracy

  • Security of goods and vehicles

  • Optimization of organization's resources through efficient operations

  • Locating and monitoring of vehicles in RFID enabled zone

  • History of inventory and fleet movement can be maintained for future use

  • Automatically Vehicle Movement into Premises has been recorded

Benefits & Return on Investment

  • Vehicle performance monitoring

  • Daily vehicle moment Dashboard to the management

  • Avoid Unauthorized Usage & Ensure Uninterrupted Service

  • Reduce Operational cost of Transport management

  • Enables direct control of Relays/Gates

  • Accuracy of Purchase/ Sales order stock delivery

  • Remote Monitor/ Control your goods movement in and out of the factory

Industry Solutions