Asset Utilization System (AUS)

It is a powerful, easy-to-use software application that tracks and manages all your assets, regardless of brand. Real-time data helps you improve staff efficiency, lengthen the life of your equipment and reduce overall maintenance costs across your entire organization.

By coordinating and merging business-wide data and asset historical performance records into useful asset information, you can make timely and informed decisions that safely and profitably maximise the performance and value contribution of your enterprise physical assets.

Industry Solutions

Current Challenges

  • Vehicle/Equipment Running Data

  • Recording Asset Maintenance & History details

  • Inaccurate information of Daily Operational details

  • Increased manual Efforts and Overtime resources

  • Uncontrolled operational cost

  • Crew availability

  • Predictable production schedule slow times

Benefits & Return on Investment

  • It supports management to control the OpEx

  • Track best time to take equipment down for maintenance

  • Reduce manual efforts & Automate the asset data

  • Integrate Asset data anywhere and anytime

  • Remotely track the assets live location and status

  • Protect Assets and Theft control

Our Solutions