Automatic Tyre Tracking (ATT)

It is a new integrated solution for tyres identity control and running RFID technology-based (Radio Frequency Identification, RFID). It makes possible to effectively fight counterfeiting and substitution of tyres, monitors all the facts of the entry and exit of vehicles from the factory, allows for rapid and periodic RFID inventory of all company's tyres.

Current Challenges

Our Solutions

  • Added security by recording Tyre movement

  • Accurate Tyre data to management decisions

  • Automatically scanning multiple Tyre concurrently

  • Reducing human effort and corresponding errors

  • Track objects faster & accurately in Tyre life cycle

  • Inventory Availability for tracking the tyre inside the warehouse

  • Tyre misplaced will be identified and alert send to Management

Industry Solutions

Accounting & Finance

Enables true cost control and audit-proof inventory. Improve asset accounting with customized and ad hoc reports of asset locations, trends, status, and history.

Information Technology

Supports life cycle management and scale more efficiently

Facilities & Security

Protects critical information on devices


Quickly locate critical assets in a timely manner, thereby preventing the slowing or stopping of production lines (WIP), spending too much time and money chasing down assets, achieving near real-time physical asset inventory, and passing asset audits.

Benefits & Return on Investment