Automatic Inward/Outward System

Automatically record Purchase & Sales Goods delivery in the Warehouse, It helps to record weightage of the goods & authenticate gate Entry/Exit. The Client can especially benefit from RFID because the technology can make internal processes more efficient and improve responsiveness.

Our System is to take off the manual Entry/Exit time, track, secure and manage items from the time they enter the Yard/Warehouse through the entire transit. The Vehicle has been moved In/Out the transit with corresponding weight measurement. Every vehicle will be tagged and controlled entry movements. Accuracy of the loading and unloading goods will be automatically tracked.

Our Solutions

Current Challenges

  • Authorization of Vehicle Entries

  • Remote monitoring of Goods Movement

  • Automatic Weighing Details before entering into the Warehouse

  • Measuring the accurate Net Weight of the loaded vehicle

  • Multiple task involving manual process

  • Automatic control in Vehicle Exit

Benefits & Return on Investment

  • Remote Monitor/Control your goods movement in the factory

  • Accuracy of Purchase/Sales order stock delivery

  • Digitalization of process & retrieve goods as in when required

  • Reduce manual efforts & Save Operational Cost

  • Low Maintenance Cost & Increased Efficiency

  • Management's Operational Cost will decrease automatically

Industry Solutions